Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dogs had parks!!!

I do not knowed that there do be a park for we dogs!!!

I do not getted to go there before!!

But today She do taked me in we car and She taked me to some places and I do be being very good even though I do keeped thinking why do She taked me to sit in we car when She goed in stores cuz this do be a little bit BORING and I do not thinked this is so fun!

And I do thinked She might could had taked Kali too so I will not had to be all by my own self in we van cuz it DO be a little bit lonely, too! And boring!!

But THEN She do drived some more and stopped some more and then that last stop was for ME!! To go to PLAY!! With new dogs!! And new smells!!

And I do smelled Paddington too but I do not seed Paddington though!!

But I do seed nother dogs and they all do be much bigger than me so I do not barked and carried on at all but I do sniffed and letted they sniffed me and then we do all getted to play!

With no leashes neither!!

And when I do comed back for She when She do called me I do getted treats too!!

I had a very fun time to the dog park but next time I do think Kali might should come with we too!!

And She might should bring She's camera too so Tamara will not had to complain cuz there do not be pictures!


  1. Oh my goodness, what an adventure! :) I used to go to the dog park, too. Then I got a little o-l-d, and now I can't jump in the car anymore. I just go for little walks by my house. :) I am glad u had fun.

  2. Take me! Take me! Take me! I DO SO LOVED to go to the DOGS PARKS!!!!! There do be dogs of all kinds of sizes when I do goed there. Maybe one day when you go, there will might be some littler dogs like you! And that do be very essiting that the parks smells like me!