Monday, November 19, 2012

No more babydogs

So now we do had no more babydogs at we house.

Data finded she's new forever home too... and do you know what?! It do be the bestest thing! You do seed the nother day that Data do liked little boys very very much....

And when the lady do comed to see if she will like to take Data home, she do bringed two boys!

Data do liked they very much and she do licked they faces and I do thinked Data will be happy to be in a family that do had kids!!

But she name will probably be Nova not Data though. And she might could learned French not English like we!

But that do not mattered as long as she be happy in she's new home. Right? Right!


  1. I am very happy Data or Nova has a good new home now! :) Don't be sad. All your babydogs will grow up good and strong.

  2. Imagine that it sure feels empty and very quiet around the house now. Very glad they have gone to what seems very good homes.

  3. I do liked to not had to share so much pets sometimes! And Aswell too!

    She do be a little bit sad to had no more puppies though.

  4. Maybe there could be some nother babydogs at some nother times? Maybe I could be not skerred of them nexted times ...

  5. U could maybe ask the neighbor friend-dogs to visit more. Or ur hoomins could foster a little bebeh until it is ready to be adopted. Hang in there, soon u will get happy pikshers of ur bebehs growing up all happy, and u will see that u were good parents after all. :) {{{luv}}}