Friday, November 16, 2012


Mini getted a new name!

And a new friend-dog too!

Mini's name do be Lily now.

And she's new friend-dog is Coco!!!

And you can see she and Coco!

And they toys too!!!

I do thinked I will needed some new toys cuz Lily do had more better toys than me and that do not be okay!

Oh! And Kali do forgetted to telled you but we do heared that Misha is doing very good at she new home too!

It do maked She happy to know we babydogs do be happy in they new homes. And Kali & me too!


  1. Lily is a good name and i'm glad all the babydogs are doing good at their new homes :)

  2. I am very happy to hear the news. :). :)

  3. Dose are such gooder names!!! I did had a different name too when mine human beans did choosed me ... it did used to be Legolas! I do liked mine new name. Dem are such lucky baby dogs. New names, new houses, new human beans, new dog friends, and most important: NEW TOYS!

  4. It is great to know that your babies are happy in their new homes!