Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Look at who do comed to visit we!?

And he do stayed for some playtime too!!

It do be a bad reason Gibbs do comed home to visit we, cuz he's She do be not feeling good so he's He & She do had to go getted he's She better... but I do be a little bit happy to had one of we babydogs to come home to visit we.

And Aswell too. And most especially, She! She do liked to had babydogs running around. Even other people's growing up babydogs.

We DO be playing a little bit noisy though!


  1. babydog! he's getting so big...tell she i need better pictures though...she should know better :)

  2. Oh this is very cute and I hope the person gets a lot better soon. :) (((hug)))