Saturday, October 13, 2012

Runaway daddy dog

The nother day Data do getted out of she's pool and runned away IN we house.

But today Aswell do runned away OUTSIDE and he do be in SO MUCH TROUBLES!

Aswell do liked to go out on the dock with He very much.

Most times he do stayed with He very good. So he do getted to be allowed.

But sometimes when He do getted to be working, Aswell might could get a little bit bored so then he do goes exploring a little bit.

He do not liked to stop working to go catched Aswell.

Today He and He's friends so be going to bring in we dock and He and Aswell do getted started first but then Aswell do runned away a little bit and he do getted he's feet all muddy again and He do had to stopped working to go catched Aswell and now He do be mad at Aswell SO.....

now Aswell do not be 'llowed to go outside except in we pen!!! In the daytime!!

And he do not be 'llowed to stay out in we pen if he do barked, neither!!

Then he do had to come in we house with She and he can not be He's helper today!!

Aswell do be sad now.


  1. I likes to run away too, 'cause there do be human beans that do want to petted me, I just knows it! But you have to be careful 'cause there do be dangers outside of your own home and yards, mine human beans Rob and Fran do telled me.

  2. I sure hope Aswell is not trying to run away from his fatherly responsibilities!

  3. Don't be sad Aswell, you can come live with us.