Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today She do had to getted up to helped me with these babydogs!

Data do beed trouble AGAIN!!

Cuz all those babydogs do learned to getted out of the pool, She & He maked a wall with bins in She's room.

That might could work to keeped they in cept Data do be a BRAT!

First Data do pulled stuffs out of the spaces in between the bins so they might could all get out.

So then She do had to find better stuff to putted in those spaces and She do and Data cannot pulled they out any more.

So that do worked. For a little while.

I can go in when I wanted to, and they can not getted out. But they do had lots of room to play! And they do had paper for peeing and pooping and good places for sleeping and we do all be happy!

But THEN Data do finded another way out! She do getted out where I do cuz it do not be so high! But Data can not jumped up on that bin like me but she do not gived up and she tried and tried and she do getted out!!!

Gibbs and Charlie and Mini do not liked for Data to be out and they to not be out so they do cried and screamed and throwed a great big tantrum and they do hurted mine ears!

And they do be so noisy they do waked He and She up.

And they do not shutted up good even when She do comed and She putted Data back in with they!

And they do not shutted up for food!

They do beed MAD!

So then She letted they all go out to run and play and 'splore like Data and they do shutted up and they do had fun cept She might could not be having so much fun cuz Mini do keeped biting She's toes!

And She do beed very busy watching we babydogs run all over we house and She do keeped counting they and then She do seed only three babydogs!

And do you knowed which babydog went missing!?

Ha! I do thinked you might could guess!

Data do go hided in a corner in the babydog pen and curled up and goed right to sleep!


  1. lol it's a good thing data is so freaking cute huh

  2. I did liked to go 'sploring from mine own babydog pen and I did not liked to eat with everyone else and I did not liked to sleep with all the nother babydogs. I did liked to do mine own thing, and mine human bean Rob did said that that was a good thing for a dog to have his own mind. I wonder if he do still thinked that now. Good thing I do be cute too, huh?