Saturday, October 20, 2012

Data do be talented

Do you know what do happened today?

Of course, you do not.

So I do telled you.

Today Data do climbed out of the babydog pen.

The nother dogs do barked and barked and barked.

But She do not putted Data back in, and She do not putted the nother dogs out.

She gnored they all!

So Data do runned around and played but then she do getted bored playing all by she own self so she do climbed back in we babydog pen!


  1. lol sounds like the rest of the puppies need to figure out how to get out on their is a little spoiled

  2. Today Mini do learned how to getted out too. But she do not can getted back in though.

  3. well it's a start...give it some time and i'm sure she'll figure out how to get back in and before long the other two will learn how to get out too much fun :)

  4. That Data sure is a little silly!