Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing Outside

Now that we babydogs do be a little bit more bigger, She do letted we all go outside!

Those babydogs do liked to play outside.

Mini and Gibbs do liked it the most though!

Mini do liked to go unner we walkway in my tunnel I do digged, too.

That picture do be Charlie and Data thinking about going outside.

And here do be a movie of the nother two babydogs, Gibbs and Mini.


  1. oh my gosh the puppies are getting so big and even more cute...i might need to come back for a visit soon lol

  2. Those bagydogs did getted so much bigger! And they do be very cute! Maybe I could not be skerred of them anymore if I did comed to visit. Maybe I will tell mine human beans to take me in the big red rolling box to come visit.

  3. I love ur bebbies. They are so sweet! :) And so r u and their Daddy. :). (((Hug)))

  4. Wow, Kali, your bebbehs are sure getting big and even more cute!

  5. You guys are so good looking.