Friday, October 12, 2012

Runaway babydog

Do you remembered Data?

Data do be the littlest one of we babydogs.

Data do be getting to be a little bit of a problem babydog!

She do not liked to stay in they pool!

Even though she do be the littlest babydog she do be the only one that can getted out all by she's own self.

And when she do getted out, the nother 3 babydogs do getted SO MAD!!!

They do wanted out too but they do not knowed how Data getted out.

Data do be little but maybe she might could be smart too, huh?


  1. lol smart puppy...i guess the name is fitting

  2. I did getted out of mine own pen too ... and mine human beans Cathy and Steve did had a really high sides to mine pen! I used to getted out with one of mine brothers. They used to call us the 'Scape Artists. When a babydog needs to go 'sploring, a babydog just has to go! I hope the outsides of the pool areas are safe for the babydog Data ... and that she do get catched fast!