Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real foods

Do you see how much we babydogs did growed?!

They do be much bigger now. Even Data, 'cept Data is still quite a bit more little than the other babydogs.

Data do liked to eated the food She maked for they but she do liked to standed in the water when she do eated that food.

Gibbs do liked to standed in the food so the rest of the babydogs do not getted to eat so much!

Gibbs is a little bit piggy!

I do liked for She to helped to feed we babydogs so I do not had to.

She do not liked to feeded they in the dark so much though.

She do do it but She telled me I might could had feeded they so She did not had to getted up in the dark.

But She and He do beed both awaked cuz those babydogs do cried so I do thinked She will like to do that and I will liked to go had a cuddle with He!

That do beed a good idea, huh?!


  1. I am so happy! U and the babeys are so sweet. :)

  2. finally an update lol...though considering i was just there to see the puppies and play with them and spoil them i guess i didn't so much need an actual update :)

  3. I 'membered those real foods! They were yummies! Hope your babydogs keep growing and maybe be bigger like me!

  4. They sure look like they're doing well. They kind of look like my brother Owen and me when we were really little.

  5. Hi, u got an award from mah blog! U can see it there. Thank u. :)