Thursday, September 27, 2012


He & She do goed away yester day and leaved Kali and me and we babydogs home all by we own self!

I do not thinked that do be such a good idea but it do beed okay.

We do had companies to come gived we food! And let we out to pee! And to gived we pets!

But then He and She do getted home and do you knowed what?!

I do thinked it do be WAY past we belly rub time and He and She do not thinked they will liked to go to bed and gived me my belly rub!

So I do barked and barked and barked!

I do keeped running out to tell they to comed to bed.

And then I do runned into we bed and I do barked and barked!

But He and She do not listened good!

And He do yelled at me too!

That do not be fair! I did be passed my belly rub time!


  1. I sorry. I hope it is better for u today. :) Sending love to u and ur hoomins. :)

  2. Poor Aswell. I do unnerstand 'bout the belly rubs. I do liked to have mine belly rubbed when my human beans do be gone during the days when they goes to their working places and they rub and rub and rub mine belly when they comes back! I do hope you gets your belly rubs soon!

  3. I hope you got EXTRA belly rubs to make up for the delay.

  4. Kiss kiss xoxoxoxo! I hope u and the bebehs are doing well. :)