Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I do missed Kali a little bit when she do beed too busy with we babydogs to come outside and played with me!

But now those babydogs do be a little bit more bigger and Kali do liked to come outside to played with me again.

Not for too long cuz she do needed to check on we babydogs sometime but she do comed out with me and I do be very happy to had she come out with me so I do liked to get back to a little bit more of normal!

I do knowed you will liked to see more pictures of we babydogs and we do had some cuz Paddington's hooman do taked some of they but I thinked you will liked to see me and Paddington too.

You can see Paddington do be growing too much more bigger than me! I do not knowed what that boy is eating but he sure do growed!


  1. Awww, u and ur friend is cute.

  2. I could love to shared my foods with you Aswell. It might helped you growed some more!

  3. today we getted new pork foods!

    Kali do eated SO MUCH FOODS She do had to make food every nother day almost!

    She do maked a big batch of foods today so maybe it might could last a little bit more longer.