Saturday, September 1, 2012

We go in the boat.


I do liked to go in we boat. But I might could had getted just a little bit sea sick! I do sicked up on we boat floor. Oopsie!

I do thinked He will liked to catched a fish, but She do liked to catched the big fish. She do catched a BIG fish. He do only catched little fishes. He do not keeped He's fishes! He do throwed they in the lake! I do whined a little bit cuz I will liked to see those fishes more better.  

I do not liked to be in the boat so much and I do stayed on the floor and I do not climbed up like Aswell do. But I do liked to be on we boat with He and She with Aswell more better than I do liked to stayed home all by my own self. So I do goed with He and She and Aswell in the boat even though I do not liked it too much! Because I do getted a little bit skerred!!


  1. I proud of u for going in the water thing. (wags tail)


  2. Last time I goed in the boat, I did see a white floaty thing in the water and I did wanted to go swimming for it but mine human beans did stopped me! I did used to like to be in the bottom of the boat, but now I do like to be at the top. Maybe soon you will like to not be on the bottom no mores, Kali!

  3. I might be too skerred to be on a boat, myself. But seeing fishies would be very fun!

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