Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today He & She bringed out all the stuff they do picked up from we Unca David and We Grandma's house when they do goed there yesterday.

They do had lots of stuff in they van but most of it do be quite boring.

So I do not payed too much attentions.

But then He did go away to work and She did go inside and I do goed outside to play and I getted a little bit skerred when I do seed a strange lady in we yard!

I do had to barked at that lady!!! But then She do comes outside and She telled me to shutted up cuz that do not even BE a real lady!

Now I do feeled a little bit silly cuz I might could had smelled she and knowed that all by my own self.


  1. lmao...oh aswell you are so funny sometimes

  2. That lady is kinda funny. I think u should get he scart and hat. :)

  3. I would have barked at the fake lady too.