Sunday, August 26, 2012

I tell She

Today I do see Paddington and Paddington's peoples in we yard and I do barked & barked!

I do liked to go played with Paddington!!

But She sayed no! She sayed Paddington and Paddington's people do be already out of we area and we can just stayed in and stop barking.

We do barked and barked at we door.

We do jumped up and down.

And She do 'nored us!!!!

So then I do getted a idea!

I do stopped barking at we door and I do comed over to She and I do barked and barked right at She.

She did not opened we door anyway but She do knowed I do be MAD at She!

Maybe when Paddington and Paddington's people do come back with they boat we might could go outside and play with he.

I do hoped so! And Aswell too!


  1. I did thinked I needed to pooped maybe but then I gotted distracted by your barks and then mine human bean Fran sayd that we had to go on the boat so we went on the boat but I did not forgetted when we camed back and I told mine Fran that I do be needed to see you so I started to hop on two legs to go faster! And mine Fran maded me do a sit and then she letted me go and we did had fun! I be so glad that we had fun. Thank you Kali!

  2. Kali, I think you done the right thing to tell She just how you felt about not getting to play with Paddington!

  3. Awww, shucks. I hope u get to visit ur friend later. :)