Monday, July 9, 2012

Swimmy dog

Tonight when She went out to go fishing with He She taked we too!!

We do getted to go fishing on we dock!!

And we do be very good too!

Kali do be a big chunky chicken so She do not even needed to had She hold she's leash cuz Kali do not liked to jump from one dock to we nother dock so she do stayed on we floaty dock with no leash even.

I do be much braver so She do liked to keeped me on a leash so I do not runned away.

I do not runned away though! But I might could swimmed away!

She letted me go swimmy in we lake!!!!!

And I do swim good in we lake!!!!

I do be a good swimmy dog!

But do you knowed what?

It do be fun to be a swimmy dog but oh my I do getted TOO COLD when I getted out of we lake again!!

He sayed I need to tell We Grandma I do needed a after swim robe! But She sayed next time I might could had a towel!

But I do not had any towel so I shaked me off and then I climbed up and cuddled with She and I do getted a little bit warmer but She getted a little bit cold and wet though!

I do liked to be a swimmy dog! But it do be too bad She do not trusted me to come back when I do getted told so I had to swim with my leash on.


  1. Poor Aswell. I do knows what you means by swimming with a leash on. My human bean do be hanging on to me too. And I too gets cold, even on hot days! So my human beans cuddle me with a big towel. But before they do put me in the towel, they do have to dunk me again because I do get covered in that sticky stuffs that is at the beach and my human beans do say they do NOT want that in the rolling noisy box that do take us home again! Maybe we could be friends again and do a swimmy thing together one day, huh? I think that would be a good idea.

  2. That do be me Paddington that do say those things. Stoopid innernet does not know it not be my human bean.

  3. Hi Kali and Aswell, thanks for visiting my bloggie. I get to go swimming too but I swim in a hot water pool almost every weekend. My peeps started me swimming sometime after I had disk surgery to help with my recovery and to loosen up my chest muscles. The sense of weightlessness is pretty good too. I get toweled off just like you do. I also don't like the groomers because I'm a bit protective of my front legs. Anyways my peeps stay with me the whole time so that makes me feel better. I hope that you'll visit my blog again. Sam

  4. I do not know how to swim. U are smart! :)