Monday, July 9, 2012

Car Riding

The yester day He & She do had to go to do some work at we Peterborough house. There do be lots & lots of work to do at we Peterborough house.

Most times He & She do go to Peterborough He & She do leave we at home and Hank & Valerie do comed to letted we go outside and gived we foods so we do not be leaved at home too long all by we own selves.

But the yester day, She & He sayed we can go too!

We do getted SO EXCITED!! As soon as She touched we crates and we leashes we do goed CRAZY!!  We do getted to go with He & She!

That car ride is not too exciting though! As soon as we started driving we both do curled up in we crates and go to sleep. We do be very good car riders! And Aswell did not sicked neither!

At the Peterborough house was a little bit fun. There do be a lot of things to smell. But some of those smells do not be nice smells though! Some of they do be DISGUSTING!

The people that do not lived at we Peterborough house any more do not knowed how to take they garbage out very good. They do be ROOD and stinky! She sayed!

Those peoples do be gone but those people leaved they garbage so it do stinked and She and He do not had ANY fun cleaning up they mess.

But it do be done now though, so that will be good.

We do had some fun at that house but She do keeped we on we leashes all the time and we do liked to be at we nother home where we do not had to be on leashes and we can just run inside and outside all day long. That do be better fun!

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