Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Haircutted again

Yester day He decided He will like to give we baths and haircuts again.

We do be VERY good and we do look VERY nice with we new haircuts!

And do you knowed what? He and She both forgetted to put Aswell's collars back on right away after and Aswell do forgetted to run away!!

He stayed home even though he do not had he's zapper on he!!

Good for Aswell, huh?!

And that do be extra good for He and She cuz He and She do not liked to go catch Aswell too much!


  1. Oh boy. I hope u is safe at home. :)

  2. You and Aswell look wonderful with your new hairdos! I am glad Aswell was a good boy and did not try to run away.