Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend

Guess what?!

We do had more companies!!

Ant Andrea do comed back to see we again and she do bringed Jessa and Mandy!

But she do forgetted to bring we Tamara too!! 

She sayed Tamara do not comed because Zebra do be forgetted how to eat all by he's ownself again.

I do not EVER forgetted to eat all by my ownself!!

And we do beed hoping We Grandma might could come too but We Grandma did not comed.

We do had lots of fun with Mandy! She do liked to be a puppy like we!!

She goed through we puppy door!

And she do goed down we ramp into we pen with we too!!

That was good fun!

Too bad Ant Andrea do taked Mandy away. We will like she to stay to play with we!

And She and He taked Jessa away too and now we do not had any more visitors to play with we!

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