Thursday, July 12, 2012

SO MAD!!!!

Today She and He do goed in we van to we Peterborough house and She and He do taked Aswell in he's crate but She and He do leaved me at home!


All by my own self!!

That do NOT be fair!!

I do not liked to be leaved home all by my own self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Aswell do not liked it too!!


  1. I sorry. I hopes u gets more company to be wif later on.

  2. I do be sorry for you too. Do you know what? I sleeps in my crate when my human beans do not be home. But I would still be mad if my friend was allowed to go on a trip and not me. So I do not blame you one bit. Paddington

  3. So sorry you didn't get to go. Was there some special reason you didn't? I would think that home would be better than a hot car but it can be lonely.

  4. I do not knowed why! Cept maybe it do be because Aswell do be too 'cited and he do be trying to make me getted puppies cuz I do be in my heated.

    I do had to beated he up some!

  5. Oh Kali that is very, very unfairs!

  6. Maybe u could be spaded soon? Then u don't hafta worry about teh puppies. Just a thought.

  7. we do getted to had one litter of puppies and then Aswell and me do getted fixed.