Monday, June 18, 2012

New foods

One of the most goodest things about She making we dog foods is that we getted new dog foods!

Even though She do used the same recipe to started with, She do not never maked the foods the same!

Sometimes we do has liver foods and sometimes we do had beef or pork or chickens! Today She maked we chicken food and we do waited and waited and waited for She to cooked it and it do be cooked now but She sayed it do be too hot so we do STILL had to wait!

And anyway, She sayed we eated we foods for today so we do not needed to had the new chicken food till tomorrow but I do thinked She do be just teasing and She WILL gived we some new chicken food in we treat ball soon!

I DO hoped so! And Aswell too!


  1. Wowie, you two are very, very LUCKY pups to get such good foods.

    1. She do had to make we foods cuz She do be too lazy to getted off She's butt to change the channel one day so She seed a documentary about pet foods!

  2. That's a pretty good variety. Obviously you're very special and your mom is making good food for you.

  3. Oh boy, I bet teh food is yummy!