Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh no!

Do you know what She do sayed?!

Tonight after we did eated we treats afer He and She do eated they dinner.

She do not gived we treats for just being good while He and She do eated they dinner no more too!

Now we do had to worked for they! But that do be okay because we do liked to learned we stuffs.


But anyway, I do be telling you what She do sayed!

After we treats when She was going to do dishes and She was getting She a drink and stuffs and we do be following She in case She might could want we to do more tricks She sayed

"Not everything is all about you, you know!"

I do not thinked that might could be right!

I do thinked that She must be making a oops!

Because I do be very sure that everything do be about we! And Aswell too!

1 comment:

  1. Of course She make a boo-boo. Aww shucks. Maybe next time, just go sit on her foot. I think she unnerstand then.