Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Problem Solving

Sometimes when He and She do go fishing He and She do letted we stay in or out.

We do had we door to go to the pen or to go back in we house and we do liked to be allowed to go in or go out!

But sometimes Aswell do bark & bark he's fool head off and then He or She comes back up to we house and maked we go in we house and closed we good door so we can not go in and out.

But that do not be FAIR because I do not barked my fool head off unless there do be a good reason to barked!! Like a bird or a squirrel in we yard, or a car on we road, or a people making noises in they yard.

So I thinked Aswell should stay in and I should be allowed to go in and out but He and She do not thinked so! She sayed that might could be too complikated!

So last night He do goed fishing and then She do goed too and She leaved we door open for in and out and then Aswell do barked and barked he's fool head off so He came back and putted we in we house but do you knowed what?!

He did not closed the back door! But the screen door that Aswell and me can open all by we own selves was locked so we could not getted out that door!

So then we has a good idea!!

We is good at solving problems!

We do wanted to go outside so we do!! If you do clicked on the picture you can see how we fixed we problem.

Now we has a in and out door in the front and in the back!! Good for we, huh?!

But THEN we finded out that we can not getted into we pen cuz THAT door do be locked and we do be on the wrong side of it!  So now we do has a new problem to solve!


  1. Oh wow. I hope u problem is solved soon. :)

  2. aren't you puppies clever lol

  3. Now that is some creative problem solving!

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  5. So, I am very impressed with your problem solving but don't believe it quite has the Seal of Approval from He and She.
    Was your visitor this week impressed?
    No modelling? Glad to hear you finally got your "just because" gifts.

  6. NO, He & She do not liked we problem solving too much! He fixed we doors and He sayed we is not 'lowed to break they again!

    But we might could forget, huh?

    We do liked we presents and She did taked some pictures just on She's phone and She do beed just downloading all She's pictures off She's phone when we do getted you comment!!

    But then She do had to go taked pictures of He's BIG fish! He catched a BIG fish!