Friday, May 18, 2012


She and me and Kali did goed for a way long walk today!

I did had SO MUCH FUN!!

I did barked at nother dogs a LOT and She did not liked me to bark but I did barked anyway!!

And do you knowed what?

One time we seed a little dog and we tried to get to that little dog at he's fence and Kali's collar popped open and she was getting free!!

She did not had to stay with She!!

But She sayed "Kali! Come here."   And Kali did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my!!! Kali is so dumb, huh?

She could had runned all over away!!

Like I do if I getted out with no leash and no zzzttts!!!

If MY collar ever snapped open like that you will find me far far away cuz I do liked to get to be free!!

But only my collar do not had any snappy things like Kali's do cuz I do has a training collar what goed over mine head and it can not snapped open for me! Too bad.


  1. Oh boy, wow. I always have to wear a leash when I go out. :)

  2. This proves that Kali is a very good girl!