Friday, May 18, 2012

She do be mean!

Today She and Aswell and me did walked a very long way!

We did goed all the way to town to the post office and we did getted to go getted the mail with She!

And then She putted we in He's store place and She was going to leaved we there so She might could go shopping but She did not remembered that She forgetted She's monies!!! So we walked all the way to the store so She can buyed NOTHING! 

But She did leaved we in He's store place for a few minutes so we might could had a drink and a rest and so we might could learned that we can stayed there with no He and no She and we can be safe there but do you knowed what? I do not liked that place!!!  And Aswell too!!

We do not liked to stay in strange places without He or She!!

So that do be kinda mean of She to leave we, huh?!

And She did goed to see Sue at Sue's work and we do liked to see Sue too so that do be even more meaner!

But then She do comed back for we and She did not opened that door!!!

We did barked and jumped and we do be SO excited to see She and She did not opened that door until we shutted up and sitted we butts down!!  That did taked a very long time but then we figgered out that She really did wanted to be that mean so we did sitted we butts down and shutted up.

Then, when we getted walking again, do you knowed what?!

She thinked we will liked to walked all the way home again!!

Aswell did liked to walk all the way home again but I did getted too tired and I do thinked She might could carry me but She will not carried me cuz She sayed I is a too big chunky butt to getted carried!

I do keeped trying to tell She She should picked me up but She nored me!

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  1. I sorries. Try to rest and drink some wawa. :)