Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being a brat

Mostly it do be Aswell who do be a brat.

But I do tried it too sometimes and do you knowed what? Being a brat can be a little bit fun!

I did tried to steal She's socks and run away with they but that did be a little bit boring!

But today She wanted to get we treat balls and we do watched She go in we pen to get that treat ball that was in we pen and when She getted out, She putted we ball down while She fixed we pen so that Aswell might could not sneak out of we pen and I did catched we treat ball and I did runned away!

And then She did had to come find we and getted we treat ball so She can putted we treats in!

I do liked we treat ball to get filled up though, so I might could not run too far.

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