Friday, June 1, 2012

Walk on the Dock

Even though those words sound the same those words do be spelled different.

I thinked that do be DUMB.

I thinked we should write Walk on the Dalk or Wock on the Dock.


Peoples is pretty silly sometimes, huh?

Today She did not feeled too good so She did not wanted to taked we for a far away walk because She might could end up too far away from a bathroom when She might needed one!

So instead She taked we for a walk with we leashes on we dock!

Aswell do thinked that do be very fun!

I do not thinked so.

Aswell do runned all over we dock and he drinked we water from we lake and he barked at we waves and he do had fun!

I do stayed very close to She because I do be a little bit skerred.

We docks do moved with we water in we lake and that do maked me feel a little bit not safe.

But Aswell is too dumb to be skerred so he did not getted skerred.

I do thinked I will liked to walk on we road and we grass more better cuz we road and we grass do stayed STILL!


  1. Kali, you are very sensible and smart. I would be a bit skerred, too, to walk on a moving dalk!

  2. Oh boy. I hope u get to stay on land. :)