Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walking on the dock

Today She did taked we for a walk on we road and I do so liked to walk on we road.

And Aswell too, 'cept he do had no manners when we do meeted another dog and She do getted ferusterated with Aswell.

And then She turned around and we did had to come back home so THEN She getted the bright idea to take we for a walk out on we dock to we boat.

Last year we did goed on we dock to get to we boat and I do not be skerred and Aswell do not be skerred too!

But this year I do be MUCH older and smarter and I do thinked that walking on we dock is too skerry for me!!

She do said it do be safe and She did gived we chickens too but I did not get convinced. I think the dock on the land do be okay but as soon as we getted to the dock on we lake I sitted down and do not moved!!

Aswell do not getted skerred but that is cuz Aswell is just a dumb boy dog and he do not knowed he should getted skerred!

He did not jumped in we lake and run away this time though so that do be more good than last year.

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  1. O hai. I has a lake behind mah house too. :)