Saturday, May 12, 2012


Yesterday, Max and he's people came to play with we!

And She and Max's people maked more puppy food and this time it has deer meats in cuz Max do had some itchies so maybe if Max do switched to venison dog foods he will not had no more itchies!

She putted some of we new venison dog food in we treat balls and She did letted we had we treat balls and we did play nice with they for a long time.

But then Aswell did had to go tried to touch MY treat ball again so I started to beat he up but She was right there watching we with we treat balls and She taked they away again!

Too bad.  I do liked to had my treat ball to play with whenever I do wanted not just when She wanted to supervise we. Aswell should not be so dumb and keeped touching MY treat ball!


  1. Deer meats is one of Harley's favorites! That silly Aswell should stop bothering your treat ball. The trouble was all his fault!

  2. I sorry u had the fites. I hopes there is peace and treats for all, next time. :)