Sunday, May 13, 2012

Good dog bad dog

Today She taked we for a nother walk on we dock and this time I walked very good all the way to the very end even over the water and I did not falled in or getted hurted and I was not skerred. Well, okay, I was not SO skerred. I did shaked some when we did getted on the floaty dock.

Aswell did not get even a little bit skerred. He had TOO MUCH FUN going on we dock even though he's leg did keeped going down in the middle where there do be a little hole and he did not even learned to be kerrful there cuz he is just a dumb boy!

So I do be a good dog and Aswell do be the bad dog. AGAIN!

Do you knowed what Aswell didded?! Aswell thinked it was too fun to go sploring at the dock and the water so right after She bringed us back to we yard and putted we zzzttt collars on again, he turned around and he runned right through the zzzttt fence!!

He do not kerred if he do getted zapped!

He did runned in we lake and in we neighbour's mud and he finded a dead fish and he rolled on it and then he picked that fish up and he carried it in he's mouth and he was going to keep that fish but then he seed that She did finded he and was going to get he so he dropped he's fish and he RUNNED AWAY!!

And She had he's leash AND foods in She's pockets and She showed Aswell but Aswell still did not listened to She and every time She getted even a little bit close to he, he runned away from She!

Can you BELIEVED how bad that Aswell do be!?

He is SO BAD!!

And he getted all the way past the end of we street even more far that we go when we go for walks with She and then he was running into the bush on the nother side of the road and She was getting very skerred cuz if you keeped going through that bush there do be a HIGHWAY and OH MY GOODNESS that will be very terrible if Aswell getted to the highway because he is too much DUMB and he do not knowed that there do be skerry things that can hurt we if we do not be GOOD.

And She was getting mad at Aswell and at He too cuz He seed that Aswell runned away and He did not comed to help She. He keeped working on the boat!!  So that maked She even more upsetted! 


She could not getted Aswell to come for foods.

She could not getted Aswell to come for he's leash. I guess Aswell do only thinked leash walks is too exciting if he do not already be running free. Too bad for She. And if he getted to the highway too bad for Aswell too!

She was getting more and more upsetted! And me too!! I was still in we yard but I was barking and crying so loud She can heared me right to the end of we road!

But then a good thing happened!

Some peoples did be walking they dogs on they leashes and they dogs do be dogs Aswell do not knowed yet so he did had to go sniff those new dogs and She called to those peoples that if they might could catched Aswell She would 'preciate it and they did tried but Aswell keeped jumping back away from they so they can not catched he!

But he did keeped going to see they dogs and She getted close to he and She showed he the goodest deer meat foods She had in She pocket for he and Aswell did wanted that food but he did not wanted to get catched so he tried to get the food without getting catched but She winned and he did getted catched and do you know what Aswell did when he getted catched?

He rolled right over like he thinked She might like to give he a belly rub!! On he's wet stinky fishy muddy belly!!

She did not think She might liked to give Aswell a belly rub at all because She was out of breath and upsetted and She did not had funned chasing Aswell but She did gived he a little one and then She putted he's leash on he's collar and She walked all the way back to we house and I was so happy to see She and Aswell getted home that I did not shutted up for until She and Aswell getted all the way back in the house.

SO now we doors is locked and we do not getted to go out in we yard at all. Aswell do had to stay in we nighttime pen all day too! 

She would getted he to maked we a new fence in we back yard but we do knowed that Aswell do liked to climb fences so that might could be a lot of monies for nothing unless we putted a lid on top like we had on we pen and She do not thinked that will work too good!

But Aswell do not wanted to be outside now any way cuz he do be sleeping at She's feet under She's desk cuz he do be tired now! 

He do stinked though so maybe he might needed to had a bath!

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