Sunday, May 13, 2012


I getted to go for a walk on we dock!

That was very fun!

So I thinked I will liked to had more fun and I thinked I will liked to go for to play in we lake all by mine ownself!

So I do!

I getted a zzzttt when I do tried to jumped we lectric fence but then I do be on the nother side and there was so much good smells and good dead fishes and I do getted to roll on a dead fish and I runned and runned and runned!!

But I did dropped my fish. Too bad.

But I peed on all the rocks and garbage cans and grass!!

And I getted to go sploring in the trees!!!

And She did comed with me too!!

I did had lots of funs until She did catched me!

But now I do be very tired.

So I do needed to go to sleep now. ZZZZZZ.

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