Thursday, May 3, 2012

Treat Balls

We do not had any more treat balls now.

I do be sad.

And Aswell too.

But we can not had we treat balls again till She or He taked they down off we food-box.

She putted they up there cuz Aswell do be very VERY bad and he did tried to touch MY treat ball even though he do had one of he's own so I did had to beated he up and he did not liked to get beated up so he beated me up too and he even ripped out some of mine furs when he was fighting at me and She and He getted quite a bit mad at we cuz even after He and She taked we apart and maked we lied down and calm down we did go right back to fighting again.

But it do not be my fault!!!!

Aswell should NOT touch my treat ball and he should not fighted me neither!


  1. oh bad puppies

    gotta play nice to get the treat balls and beating each other up is not playing nice