Monday, April 30, 2012

Look! How many treat balls do you seed?!?!

She and He went shopping and He and She camed home with another treat ball so we getted one each!

But I still do tried to keep they both but I cannot cuz they do be a little too big for me to keeped both of they away from Aswell at one time so he do keeped taking one too!

Do you see the kibbles on we floor too?

Silly She!! She thinked She will putted we old kibbles in we treat balls and we might thinked they will be treats!

But now that She do MAKED we GOOD kibbles we do not eated those icky things.  Not EVER.

So we letted they fall out of we treat balls all over we floor and we do had fun playing with we treat balls but we do not eated those kibbles so we do maked a big mess and He did had to sweeped and Aswell did bited He's sweeper and that was good fun!!

We do liked we good kibbles in we bowl and in we treat balls too!


  1. I knew you would end up with two treat balls so you each could have one!