Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh mine goodness!!! Aswell is SO bad!!

Just when we thinked he cannot get any more badder, Aswell do finded more ways!!

Today He and some peoples do be working on we dock. They do be putting docks in we water so soon we can go in we boat some more!!

But Aswell did wanted to be out with they!

And he did wanted to go over to Finn's house to play too!!

She gived he a bath and then She sayed Aswell could play in we pen for while he dries so She can cutted he's furs but Aswell did not wanted to stay in we's pen so he breaked out!!!

He escaped we pen!! He finded a way out but I do not know how he fitted through that place cuz I tried and I do not fitted.

He did not had he's collar on so that was very bad but She seed he do that so She and Francyne getted Aswell and She putted he's collar on he and She letted Aswell out in we yard to play with we but do you know what????

Aswell still finded a way to be even more badder!!!

Finn was in Finn's yard and Finn's man was raking he's leaves under we hedge and Aswell getted too excited and he wanted to go over to see Finn and Finn's man so HE DID!!!!

He jumped way over we 'lecrtic fence!!!!

I did not knowed Aswell could jump so high!!

And he did not getted a now he do thinked he can go wherever he do wanted to go whenever he do wanted to go there!!

So now She is not too happy with Aswell!

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  1. Aswell is too clever for his own good ... he should learn from Kali!