Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sometimes I getted mad at Kali when she tattletailed on me!

But sometimes it DO be a good thing she is such a good tattletailer!!

Today we toilet is broked and He is busy to tried to fixed it but He do be getting mad and cranky at we toilet cuz it do not do what He wanted it to do.

And He goed unner the house and it is very fun unner the house!!!

He had to crouch and crawl cuz He is too big to standed up but I can standed up and run and play in the dark when He goed unner the house!!!

But I did had too much fun unner there and He did not seed me when He wented out and He locked me in there!!!

So then I was locked in the unner the house in the very dark all by my very own self!!!

And He getted in we van and He goed away!!!

And She was laying down cuz She did had a very bad headache and She yelled at me to stop barking but She did not getted up to come and finded me!!!

But Kali did tattled on me and she bugged She to get up and she showed She right where I was so She crawled unner the deck and opened the door and letted me come out from unner the house!!

Sometimes it do be a good time for tattletailing!

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