Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gone playing

I do not had to jumped the fence!

He was holding me and She was cutting some more of my furs and guess what?! She taked my zztt collar off and She forgetted to put it back on me!

So then I getted to go 'sploring!!

And She was at work so He did had to come finded me and I do not come too good when HE called me only when She do cuz She do gived we treats when we comed even if She do be mad at we and He do not gived we treats when He do getted mad so it do be better to keep going and not comed back for He!

So I did not.

But it did not be my fault She forgetted to put my collar back on!!

But once He catched me and bringed me back home, He did putted my collar back on and do you know what they did?

They is SO MEAN!! They did change something for the fence so now I will had to jump WAY too high to get out without a zztt!!

So I do had to stay in we yard again.

Until I finded another way to getted out!

I DO liked to getted out!

But do not worry.

I do not goed TOO far.



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