Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guess What?!

We getted to had Max come to stay with we!!

Next week!!

And he will stay for 2 weeks!

So that will be fun, huh?!

He will getted to learn to stay in we zzzt fence!!

And might be he might learned to eated kibble but maybe not. He do not liked kibbles too much when he do be at home but he do eated kibble here so maybe he might will get used to it.

She sayed She thinked we will needed to had a more treat ball. I do not shared too good with Aswell so She thinked there will not be any way I might share with Aswell AND Max.

She do be quite smart, huh? Even if she do be SO stubborn!

She do NOT be learning to walk with we good. We just camed back from we walk and I do be getting very frusterated with She. She do stops too much! And She do not getted walking again when we pulled.

I did be getting so mad at She I did telled She off and I did head butted She too but She did not go.

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  1. Oh, how fun to get to have Max visit with you!