Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boy Dogs!!!!

I thinked boy dogs had no manners!

Today Max comed to we house - to visit, not to stay. One more sleeps and then Max will comed to we house to stay.

But Max and Aswell is two boy dogs and oh mine goodness boy dogs can be ROOD!!

Do you know what they did?

They peed!!!

They peed on we screen outside door!! And in She and He's bedroom. And beside She's desk on the garbage can.

If one boy dog pees, the nother boy dog has to pee too!!!!

They do peed TOO MUCH!!!

I hoped they will not peed so much when Max comed to stay with we!!!

It is not so good to pee in we house. It maked He and She yell!! So I did learned not to pee in we house (cept if I really do had to pee in we house cuz I do be mad at He or She or Aswell).

And peeing on the screen door is not SO bad but it do not had much class neither. She sayed.

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