Sunday, February 19, 2012

My treat ball

Do you seed my treat ball? I do liked mine treat ball VERY much!!

She putted foods in my treat ball for me and I liked to spend lots of times rolling that ball around to getted my foods out.

Aswell do has a treat ball to but he's treat ball is very much smaller than MY treat ball but he do liked he's treat ball 'cept he do not played with he's treat ball so much as me.

Because I do LOVES my treat ball.

I will not even EATED foods in we bowl now. When my treat ball is empty I taked it to She and I telled She I am mad cuz my treat ball do not had foods in it and She putted more foods in my treat ball for me!

But Aswell do still getted some foods in we bowl cuz he do needed to eat some more foods than he do liked to eated.

Aswell liked sleeping more than eating. But I do NOT.


  1. Wowie, Kali, that looks like a very fun way to eat your foods right from a toy!