Sunday, February 5, 2012


That lady that came to we house to talk about teaching we stuffs telled She that we might could be less barky outside if we getted to go for more sploring outside we zzzzt fence.

So we do getted to take She for walks with She's leashes now!

We do liked to go for more walks but She do be a little stubborn about walking with we sometimes.

If we do pull She to get She to go faster, She just stopped moving!!!

But we do thinked She might learned to walk good with we soon though.

And that lady sayed we was getting we foods too much and too easy, too!

I do thinked that might be BAD NEWS!

I will not liked to not had food when I wanted food.

Aswell, he do not cared too much cuz he do not eated too much but I DO liked my foods.

I was a little bit worried.

But I do not needed to worry!

We do not had we food dish down now except She do gived it for Aswell when we waked up and when it do be supper time.

But I do not minded even a little bit.

We do has a new ball!! And when I do getted hungry, I can maked that ball give me foods! And sometimes there do be livers in that ball! Or chickens!! Or cheeses!!

I think it might could be a magic ball!!

I do liked we magic ball. I liked to play with it.

And Aswell too but only when I do letted he.

I do not letted he TOO much but sometimes I do.

And anyway, I getted lots of foods out of we magic ball so he can eated the kibbles I do not liked. I share they for Aswell.

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