Thursday, February 2, 2012

SO confused!

Oh mine goodness!!

I do be SO confused!!

I do not knowed what She and He wanted from me any more!

Today a lady camed to we house to talk to He & She about teaching we stuffs.

That was a nice lady and she had some good livers in she's bag and we do liked those liver treats.

But now I do not knowed what to do!!!!!

I knowed when there do be treats I should layed down and waited nicely.

I do not whined because if I whined I do not getted treats.

I do not jumped up.

I just waited.

Even if I do getted bored, I knowed when I wanted She to give we treats, I has to lay down good.

But that new lady do wanted we to learned new things!

She do not knowed that we do had to lay down if we do wanted treats.

She try to teach we come and lap and off and stuff and I will tried to do what she wanted. But then she showed me she had a treat so I lied down.

And Aswell too!!

Only if Aswell do lied down and he do not getted treated he do thinked that might could be he should dance cuz he do dance cute and that almost ALWAYS getted treats.

But not today!!

Today laying down and dancing do not getted treated!!!

I do not knowed what that lady do wanted we to do!!!!

And now She and He do be doing stuffs too and I lied down SO GOOD but I do not getted no treat!

This do NOT be good!

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