Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas presents

I is going crazy!!

She did sorted some Christmas presents today and She did not letted we had none!!

There is one kind of present we wanted SO bad! Specially ME!!

She gotted a blue one and a pink one - one for me and one for Kali!! It do be just right, right?

I likes that SO much but She is mean and She sayed I can not has it cuz it is not for me!

That blue one is for Jessa, and the pink one is for Tamara and I can not has it not even for just one second!

I just wanted to see it, honest! I danced all around She on my back legs and I did hops and spins and I whines and I barks and I asked nice but She sayed no!!

She sayed it do not be nice to chewed peoples Christmas presents before they getted they.

Another dumb rule!

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  1. Oh do not worry, I am certain that Santa Claws will leave presents just for you under the tree!