Saturday, December 17, 2011


She and He putted up a tree! In we house!

But it do not be a real tree and Aswell do not be sposed to pee on it like he do on real trees. Only outside trees is for peeing!

And we is not sposed to make holes in She's Christmas teddy bears neither!

She should had telled we that before we did it, huh?

But now we knowed. She might could sew She's bear bum back up, huh?!

But She do not liked to sew too much so maybe She might wait for Tamara to come to visit we!


  1. Sometimes rules are very confusing!

  2. lol i knew the last sentence was coming up when suggesting She could sew it back up..yes i can fix it when i come visit you guys.

    now don't be naughty anymore or santa won't bring you guys any presents