Friday, December 23, 2011

Good thing

She sayed it do be a good thing I am cute!

Cuz otherwise, Jessa might be too mad at me for eating one of she's Christmas presents even though it do not be good for eating!

I rips it all apart and I maked it shut up!! but then I did not eated it all up cuz it did not tasted good.

So THEN I was still hungry in my tummy and He and She was still not home and I did not wanted to eat we dog food so then I went 'sploring and alls I could finded was He's bag of raisins.

I do not liked to eated they neither so I just played with they on the bed.

I made a pretty raisin picture!

And then He and She camed home and He was trying to clean up all those raisins and I tried to maked He leave them for we to play with some more cuz I were covering they up with me but He picked me up and putted me down on the floor and He getted the raisins.

Too bad, huh?

Kali sayed I be too naughty and maybe Santa might not liked to give me presents but I think that I do be so cute that Santa might give me presents anyway and anyway, if Santa do not liked to give me presents then I might steal he's cookies and eat they! Ha!

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