Saturday, October 29, 2011

Car rides

Yesterday we goed for two car rides!!! And we both getted to go in the same crate too!! Cuz She was taking we all by she's own self and She did not wanted to had to take two boxes, only two puppies!!

We had to go for a drive and to do shopping first cuz He was spraying poisons in we house and He did not wanted we or She in we house to get poisons. But we did not getted to do shopping too good. We had to waited in we car in we box for She.

And then we getted home again and we played for a little time and then She sayed come on Aswell and Kali!! And we jumped in we van and in we box and we wented for another ride!!

Only this time we getted to get out cuz do you knowed where we goes?! We goed to the vet!!

And we do had to had needles!! Two needles for me and two needles for Aswell.

Aswell do not even minded but I do be just a little bit skerred. I did not liked to be up on the table! And I did NOT liked that vet doctor to be poking needles in me!!

Last time we was at the vet, I weighed only 1 pound more than Aswell but now he do weighs 13.1 lbs and I weighs 16.1 lbs! She sayed that means I weigh 3 pounds more than he and that is why I can beated he up when I wanted to.

Except if he getted to bite my ear! When he bited my ear, he drags me around and I do not getted to beat on him too good cuz it hurted if I tried to get away!

That is not nice to bite on my ear, huh?! Bad Aswell!!

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  1. Oh I hate going to see the vet. My paws get all sweaty from nervousness!