Friday, November 4, 2011


Oh mine goodness!! You would not BELIEVED how cranky He and She do be!!!

He and She do not sleeped good and He and She do not feeled good and He and She needs to taked lots of medicines to help they breathe cuz they heads is too stuffed up!

But Aswell and me do not be sick and we wanted to play and fight and go inside and outside and on the bed and on She's lap and on the table and outside some more and ... we do be quite busy puppies today!!

But She and He do not liked we to be so busy and they getted mad and cranky!

And they do not thinked we do be cute when we fighted and when we getted on we table and when we barked at we squirrels.

Hey! I do not barked at squirrels. I liked to play with squirrels but you always skerrs the squirrels away so then I had to barked at you!

But you do barked too and He and She getted mad at we. We do not liked He and She to be sick and cranky.

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  1. Being sick is no funs, for He and She and for puppies!