Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday I has an adventure!!

I wented near the zzzzttt place and nothing beep, beep, beeped!

So I getted to go 'sploring!!! I did not get zzzztttt'd!!!!

I has to go all by mine own self though cuz Kali did not wanted to come with me.

Cuz it is BAD to runned away, Aswell!!

And anyway, what if there do be some foods?! If we runned away we might could miss some foods!!

I did not runned away! I just wented for a walk!

There do be lots of things to sniff!!! I has fun!!!

But She was upsetted, Aswell!!!

It do not be nice to make She be upsetted!

She do be silly!!! She should had knowed I would be back for mine belly rub!! I do not never missed my bedtime belly rub!!

I bet She will maked sure you collar is beeping good from now on, Aswell!! Cuz it is BAD to runned away!


  1. Kali, you are the good one! I think brothers are always bad.

  2. oh have got to knock off the solo adventures...wouldn't it be way more fun to go for walks with she and kali?

    be good! i mean it