Monday, October 24, 2011

Clever puppy!!

Aswell learned a new thing!!!

I wished I had thinked of it!!

Aswell can open and close the screen door all by he's own self!!!

We was outside and She closed the door so the heats will stayed in we house.

We do not liked that door to be closed too much cuz then we had to asked to go in and out. And sometimes we had to wait too long, too!

But we was out and She taked too long to come to letted we in so Aswell pulled the screen door closed and tried to get in through the flap but that did not worked cuz the nother door were closed so then he pushed the screen door back again and She camed to open the glass door and Aswell showed off cuz he grabbed the flap and pulled the screen door closed again so we can comed in we house through we flap the way we is supposed to!!

Aswell is pretty clever, huh? Now he just do needed to learned to open and close the glass door!

But it do not had a flap to pull with he's teeth and it do be quite heavy. Too bad.

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  1. That was a clever thing Aswell learned to do! Hooray!