Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yay for Zebra

Zebra still do not feeled good enough to be hanging out on the doors the way he liked to do when he feeled good but he did remembered to eated he's food and drinked he's water all by his own self!!

And the vetman called and sayed that Zebra failed he's blood test but it is weird stuff that is showing wrong and it do not added up to any specific thing so he gived Jessa and Tamara some more special food for Zebra and some pills too.

Jessa thinked Zebra getted too upsetted last week cuz there was a earthquake and then the next day there was a storm and Jessa and Tamara was not home with Zebra and Prince Winslow when that happened so Zebra getted too skerred and he forgetted to eat and then when he do not eated for too many days he getted sick from not eating! Duh!

I do not thinked I would EVER forgetted to eat!! I do liked my foods way too much for that!!


  1. yay indeed!! plus he purred today when i held him!!

    and like a good boy he took his first dose of medication very well

  2. Ew! taking medicine is ucky!! I did not liked to take we medicines!! And it did maked we pooped too much too!!

  3. Poor Zebra! I'm glad he took his medicine like a good boy, and I hope he gets better and better!