Monday, September 5, 2011

Zebra in a Snowstorm update

That do not beed a great picture but do you see?! Zebra is up on the bookshelf!!!!! And he getted there all by he's own self!!!

It has been a bad week for Zebra. He started to getted all better but then he getted too sick again and he had to go see the mergency vet and everyone was upsetted. And broked. Those vets do liked to get lots of money for helping Zebra!

Zebra getted fluids putted in under he's skin to try to helped he to get to feeling better and he did seemed to getted a bit better and he eated some but then he started sicking up and that maked everyone sad and worried. Specially cuz we gotted no more monies!!

But today Zebra is eating!! And he do not sicked it up!!! And he keeped going back to eated more foods!! And then he scratched on the couch!!! And THEN he jumped up!! On the bookshelf!! All by he's own self!!!!

Yay for Zebra!!

And yay for Jessa and Tamara cuz they do hadded to do a lot of work to keep taking care of that silly cat so good.


  1. yay!!! he's doing soooo much better :)
    totally worth me staying up all night to give him water and cuddles and food

  2. I am so glad to hear that Zebra is doing better!

  3. he even had a treat..he hasn't shown ANY interest in having a cat treats in days, but he came running for one when i went to give winslow one :)